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This project aims to create a fully functional driver and a complete set of utilities for the NEC e606 3G (UMTS/GSM) mobile telephone. The driver and utilities will be written specifically for Mac OS X/Darwin, but the work of reverse-engineering the communication protocols could also be may be of some benefit to Linux and/or *BSD users. At present, there are two parts to the project, with their own CVS trees and file releases: the driver and the utilities.

The Driver

The driver handles low-level communication between Mac OS X and the handset over USB. When a handset is connected, the driver configures it and registers with the operating system, so applications cas see its communications interfaces as standard serial ports. You must install the driver and restart your computer before you can use the utilities.

The latest release version, 0.0.1a2, is compatible with Mac OS X 10.2 or later. It only supports the OBEX port, used for transferring data between the computer and the ’phone. The port will appear as two character special device with names like /dev/cu.e606_OBEX_0113 and /dev/tty.e606_OBEX_0113 (the first is a call-out device, and the second is a call-in device — BSD programmers will know what this means). The number will change depending on which USB port you connect the ’phone to, and how many hubs are inline with it. The SerialPortSample developer example from Apple shows you how to find and use serial ports using IOKit and BSD functions.

The issue with version 0.0.1a1 of the driver where a USB port would become “stuck” if the handset was unplugged while in use by an application has been fixed in this release. Currently we are trying to get the UMTS network features of the ’phone to work.

Download the driver
Download the driver source code or previous versions

The Utilities

The utilities currently allow you to:

At the moment, only Videos, Pictures, Voice Recordings and Music can be downloaded or uploaded. The ability to transfer contacts with limited Address Book integration, and an Aqua GUI for transferring files have been added in release. Please note that the AppleScript for sending contacts directly from Address Book does not always work with names containing non-English characters.

Download the utilities
Download the utilities source code or previous versions


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